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Out of Adversity Comes Opportunity: LiveEquipd Founder Andre Johnson Shares His Disability Journey

  • Posted by LiveEquipd
  • On April 15, 2020

Tech writer Katie P recently interviewed LiveEquipd founder, Andre Johnson, on the process of building a platform to simplify the search for innovative technology and products to support the disabled community.

Johnson began his disability journey when he was an innocent victim in a carjacking in Chicago in 2004. The attack left Johnson with a paralysis injury, challenging him in many ways, including the arduous process of sorting through the maze of available products and services to determine how to move forward with living his life. 

In the interview, Johnson shares the story of what inspired him to create LiveEquipd. While at an event, Johnson grabbed a bottle of water and tried to put it into the cup holder of his brand new wheelchair. “I hadn’t found a simple cup holder…to put on this chair. So when I put the bottle where I normally have the cup holder, it rolled across the floor,” he said.

Johnson’s solution to the problem was to create a startup dedicated to helping people with disabilities find the products they need. He eventually won a scholarship through 1871 to launch LiveEquipd, an online platform where people with disabilities, therapists, and caregivers can easily find and purchase quality supportive products.

You can read the full interview by Katie P. on Centered at: https://bit.ly/3eqcjzR

LiveEquipd is a multi-sided platform that empowers people with paralysis related disabilities and their support system to quickly and efficiently navigate the product landscape to find the innovative products and assistive technology they need. For more information, contact andre@liveequipd.com.