Our founder, Andre Johnson, knows firsthand the struggle to adjust after a traumatic life changing event. Andre has lived with a Spinal Cord Injury since October 2004 when he was the innocent victim of Chicago gun violence. Since then, Andre has required the use of special equipment and supplies to support him in his wheelchair and beyond.

The Problem: Finding Quality Equipment for an Accessible Life

When Andre received a new wheelchair in April 2016, he couldn’t find a suitable cup holder to meet his needs. What should have been an easy search was time consuming and difficult due to new wheelchair design. Currently, quality equipment is only accessible if directly referred to suppliers or found through long and disjointed online searches. The normal keyword searches do not always net the results you seek.

The Solution from LiveEquipd

LiveEquipd’s mission is to fill the void that exists for people looking for equipment and supplies to manage their disabilities through our integrated platform. The LiveEquipd platform empowers people with a paralysis related diagnosis and life needs to the find the medical equipment, supplies, and adaptive products they need, taking the guess work out of finding the best products for those with various levels of ability.

We provide health professionals like care managers and therapists with a vital tool and a way to improve their process of equipping their patients with the products they need now and in the future. Individuals who use LiveEquipd will have an easier time searching for, discovering, and obtaining items.

Our community element will provide valuable connectivity for the user. The consumer insight element will help to build quality feedback and reviews of those products and will be an essential component.

I would definitely recommend this to my patients because it would help them find the right medical suppliers and become more independent.

Piper Hansen

OT Clinical Practice Leader

@ The Shirley Ryan AbilityLab